Due to its introduction in major motion pictures and with nationally televised tournaments, Texas Hold'em is fast becoming one of the most recognizable and popular competitive card games around. Sal's Poker offers the chance for local restaurants and bars to jump into the action.

We offer:

  • A well run game with dedicated Tournament Directors.
  • A loyal following of players that will come back week after week.
  • Game incentives for players to buy food at the venue.
  • Word of mouth and customers in the door that can potentially expand the customer base on poker and non-poker nights.

Comparable to karoake or trivia, our Free-to-Play Texas Hold'em Tournaments is a game of skill allowing players to compete for nightly prizes.

But whereas the other forms of venue entertainment are primarily dedicated to the individual venue, Sal's Poker is a league with games across Bucks County. We also have the added draw of offering a finals tournament at the end of each season with a cash prize for the winners. Points acrued at any venue count towards the ranking so there is always a reason to come out, eat, drink, and play poker!

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Contact Information:

call Sal at: (267)221-0654
or e-mail: SalGattuso@SalsPoker.com